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  • 1958: The Year That Writing About Gay Rights Became Legal

    I'm familiar with the usual highlights of the gay rights movement, but not much more. So I found today's article by David Savage about the 1958 Supreme Court case ONE vs. Olesen pretty interesting. Lower courts had ruled the Los Angeles magazine ONE obscene and therefore illegal to ship by (...)
  • Non-Chart of the Day: Where's the Austerity?

    Tyler Cowen passes along the following chart, a modified version of one Matt Yglesias used to show the trend of total government expenditures (federal + state + local) and declare "2014 is the year American austerity came to an end": This comes from Angus, who comments incredulously: "From (...)
  • Chart of the Day: Vaccinate Your Kids!

    Via the LA Times from a few months ago, here's the rise in "personal belief" exemptions from state-mandated vaccinations among kindergartners in California: And here's where it's happening: In Los Angeles County, the rise in personal belief exemptions is most prominent in wealthy coastal and (...)
  • Defending Free Speech Doesn't Require Solidarity With the Speech Itself

    A couple of days ago, I had in mind a follow-up post about the point that defense of free speech doesn't necessarily demand "solidarity" with the speech itself. This is obvious. If an extremist gay rights lunatic murdered a dozen members of the Westboro Baptist Church, would we all start (...)
  • Unemployment Is Low, But It Can Still Go a Lot Lower — And It Should

    Justin Wolfers makes a good point today. There's a concept in economics called NAIRU, which rather awkwardly stands for the Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment1. Basically it means that there's a "natural" rate of unemployment in the economy2, and if you go below it then inflation (...)

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